Treatments For Men

Mens Laser Hair Removal


The Soprano ICE laser is the perfect laser to treat all body areas which makes it a fantastic painless laser for men. The most popular area to be treated with is the back and shoulders and more intimate areas such as the buttocks. 


We can also treat other areas such as ears, nose, hands and fingers and also blend hair from the lower arm to hand area. 


The Soprano ICE is the perfect laser for lasering mens facial hair which saves time in the morning shaving and helps clear the skin and ensure no razor bumps or in grown hairs appearing. You dont even need to have the beard fully cleared you can simply thin the hair and make it less course. We can also keep the hairs neat on the upper cheeks creating a more scultptered look. Having your neck front or even full beard lasered can shed time off your morning routine by shaving each day. Imagine never have a shadow, or worse still having to shave twice a day if you go out on an evening. 


The most popular area for men to be treated is of course for the back and shoulders area, at the gym - in the pool - even on holiday on the beach there is no doubt that you will feel much more comfortable having a clean smooth back and shoulder area. Another good area for nen to have treated is the back of the neck. If you find your barber or hairdresser has to trim further and further down to your ajoining back hair have it lasered so that if you are late getting your hair cut - at least it wont look to untidy spreading down your full neck!



Mens Facial Treatments  


We also have a range of skin peels that are great for keeping a fresh and clear look complexion. Treatments are quick and easy with little prep or fuss. You can also return back to activities pretty much straight away as there is no downtime.


Popular areas to have treated for men:


Back & Shoulders

Chest & Abdomen

Neck Front

Back of Neck - make a neat hairline

Hands & Fingers - we can blend arm hair into hands 

Buttocks - feel cleaner and fresher

Toes & Feet