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The Ultimate Guide to Laser Hair Removal 


Laser Hair Removal Information Guide


Excess or Unwanted Hair & Laser Hair Removal

Excess or unwanted hair affects a large number of both men and women. It can occur anywhere on the face or body and be a real cause of embarrassment and anxiety.

People of certain ethnicities, such as Mediterranean or Middle Eastern, are more prone to suffer from excess hair, although it can also be a genetic condition.



Excess hair growth - Hirsutism 

In women, excess hair growth is often caused by a condition known as hirsutism. This is when the ovaries or adrenal glands overproduce the male sex hormone androgen, which is produced by all women, but at a much lower level.

This hormone imbalance causes thick, dark hairs to grow on the face, usually the chin or upper lip, as well as on the neck, chest, stomach and bikini area. In the majority of cases, hirsutism is a result of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, or PCOS. We always recommend that you visit your GP before coming to us if you feel that your hair growth is abnormal.

Other causes of hirsutism include certain medical conditions and medications, obesity and menopause. However, in a number of cases, the reason for the condition remains unknown.

A good website for more information on how to improve conditions relating to PCOS is



Ingrowing Hairs

Fed up with constantly cutting yourself shaving? Shaving bumps are a frustrating and common issue. They are the most common amongst Afro-Caribbean’s and other people with tight, curly hair as the hair easily gets trapped inside the follicle, resulting in swelling and irritation. And when it happens it’s not only unsightly but also painful.

The good news is that The Soprano Laser Clinic has a range of treatments that will help overcome this problem and restore a smooth appearance to the skin, often almost immediately following treatment. 



Laser Hair Removal For Men

You are not alone in considering Laser Hair Removal – we have seen a huge increase in the amount of male clients since we opened. It is for any man who wants to get rid or reduce the amount of hairthat they have on their body and is increasingly common – we see all orientations in our clinics – from men who have hairy backs, to those wanting something more personal we cater for all types discreetly and professionally. The Soprano ICE laser is perfect for me as it is painless!

Imagine not waxing or plucking and once done you won’t need to shave again, or, if it is your back then getting someone else to shave it for you. Popular treatment areas inlude the back & shoulders, buttocks, chest & abdomen, hand and fingers and male bikini area. There are many men who are seeking laser hair removal these days with the rise of the metrosexual man, however even if you have you neck front lasered means that you will speed up your morning routine and not have ingrown hairs nor a nasty red shaving rash on the neck front.  


Laser Hair Removal Facts

Fact #1 No hair colour no hair removal If you have blonde or grey  hair there is not enough hair colour to allow the laser to heat and damage the root and prevent future hair growth and therefore you are not suitable for trea

Fact #2 If your hairs not growing the laser can’t work Every hair on your face and body is in one of three stages. The first stage in the cycle, where your hair grows is called the Anagen phase. Only hairs in this growth phase can be treated successfully, which is why you need an average of 8 treatments at 4 or 5 weekly intervals to get close to the result you’re looking for.

Fact #3 Laser hair removal is rarely permanent After 8 -10 treatments most people would consider the treated area to be hair free, with the only hairs left growing being short fine vellus hairs. It is not uncommon for some hairs to regrow, and occasional future ‘top up’ treatments may be necessary.

Fact #4 Laser hair removal hurts Most lasers are painful yes - especially IPL lasers. The good news is we only use the Soprano which is painless!

Fact #5 Lasers are dangerous Lasers  are medical devices that are very powerful and potentially dangerous. Using the wrong settings for your skin and hair colour could cause a burn. The laser operators skill is a key part in preventing damage to your skin.

Fact #6 It’s not cheap or quick Everything from the cost of the best machines to the red tape that allows you to provide treatments is expensive. This means treatments are not cheap. To help we offer package deals and the cost can be spread over the 8 – 10 months the treatment plan normally takes to complete.


Laser Hair Removal Risks

  • Laser hair removal works best, and has fewest risks, on pale skin.
  • Let any sun tan fade before you consider treatment.
  • The skin can be left with dark marks or pale patches, which should fade over several months.
  • Laser hair removal does not always work well on red hair or grey hair because laser energy is absorbed by pigment and there is little or no pigment in these hair colours.
  • People with darker complexions, run the risk of too much energy being absorbed and damaging the skin, however our NdYag laser is suitable for darker skin types as we can control the amount of energy absorbed and therefore reduce the risks of side effects.
  • You should also avoid laser hair removal treatment if you are particularly sensitive to light or have any infection around the place to be treated.
  • You should not have laser hair removal treatment if you have been treated for acne with Isotretinoin in the previous year.
  • You should not have laser hair removal if you have been exposed to the sun or sunbeds up to two weeks prior to any treatment.